The most crazy buildings in the world

Their unusual facades amaze the imagination, break stereotypes, violate canons, intrigue, shock and inspire. We present you the 10 most unusual buildings in the world.


The fabulous Crazy House hotel is a very popular tourist place in Dalat. You will not believe your eyes because there are strange things everywhere.Different labyrinths of narrow tracks, fairy-tale mushrooms that grow on the roofs, plants that intertwine with the architecture. Crazy House is especially admired in children.
The creator of the crazy house is Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga. The house works as a museum and as a hotel.You can get inside and look at the interiors during the museum’s opening hours, or you can stay there for a couple of days to appreciate all the architectural features and stray along the tangled corridors. For newlyweds in Crazy House, there is a separate corner – a small house Honey Moon.


Everything in this house is crooked: windows, walls, roof, doors and even cornices and drainpipes. It looks very surreal – as if you were not in the Polish Sopot but the real kingdom of Crooked Mirrors. Especially spectacular “Crooked House” looks at night, when its bizarre shapes are emphasized by evening illumination.Krzywy Domek appeared recently – in 2004. The authors of this unusual project are Polish architects Zalewski and Szotinski. They were inspired by the works of children’s illustrators Y. M. Shantser and P. O. Dalberg.It is hard to believe, but during the construction of the house, the simplest materials were used: sandstone, glass, metal. Inside there is a shopping centre with shops, a restaurant and coffee houses, there is also the Wall of Glory – a place where celebrities leave their autographs.The interior looks less original, although it resembles a little Gaudi’s style – smooth lines and the absence of right angles. Despite the phantasmagoric style, Krzywy Domek harmoniously blends in with the surrounding architectural background with old toy houses and a leisurely resort atmosphere.



The avant-garde project of these crazy buildings will surely appeal to lovers of modern architecture. Unusual yellow-grey “Cubic houses” in Rotterdam were born more than 30 years ago, but still look fresh and relevant, being one of the main attractions of the city.

The author of the project is Dutch architect Pete Blom. He was given the task of filling the space of the bridge over the transport highway – this was the birth of this non-standard residential complex. Initially, it was intended for the most ordinary residents of the city, but over time it turned into expensive and prestigious housing.Some of its inhabitants could not come to terms with the constant flow of tourists and chose to move to other residential areas.

The houses are large cubes, standing on high supports and rotated at an angle so that three of their faces face the sky and three more – to the ground.The houses are connected by a gallery. Tourists can climb the stairs to the second level of the residential quarter, there is a walking promenade. Each cube is a separate apartment with three levels. If you want to see how the living space inside the cube is arranged, you should go to the museum opened in one of them.



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