Top 5 Reasons for Moving to Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills is Australia’s hidden gem. Being home to some of Australia’s most breathtaking scenery, infamous vineyards, contemporary architecture, artistic culture and affordable real estate, there are a myriad of benefits to moving to Adelaide Hills. In this article we’re going to help you evaluate whether or not Adelaide is the right fit for you. 

Architects Adelaide Hills

1. Breathtaking Seasonal Landscapes

Being only a 20 minute drive from Adelaide, Adelaide Hills is nationally renowned for some of Australia’s most stunning landscapes. Being highly sensitive to the seasons, winter brings with it lush and green scenery, while autumn brings a unique variation of reds and golds. With scenic drives that are within reach of Adelaide CBD, you need to mark Adelaide Hills on your bucket list. For reference, see the following video by the YouTube channel ‘South Australia’:

2. Nation Renowned Wineries

With a vast range of vineyards present, you have no shortage of choices for wineries to tour in the surrounding areas of Adelaide. Most notable is the heritage-listed Penfolds Magill Estate, home of the ‘Penfolds Grange’. This vineyard dates bark to as early as 1844. Tours of the Penfolds Magill Estate include a three-course lunch, tour and premium wine tasting. 

3. Innovative Contemporary Architecture

Another notable feature of Adelaide is it’s stunning contemporary architecture. Architects Adelaide Hills such as Brett Aylen are responsible for some stunning residential architecture in Adelaide. If you were planning on building a home in Adelaide Hills when you move down to Southern Australia, or simply require architectural services, his team may be able to assist you with your queries. 

4. Culture & Arts

Adelaide is also a cultural hotspot in Australia for music, galleries and performing arts. If you happen to have a taste for art, the SA Museum and Adelaide Festival Centre constantly host a range of different events including theatre, exhibitions, opera, dance, comedy and more. 

5. Affordable Living 

Compared to cities like Sydney and Melbourne, pricing on the housing market for both renting and buying is among the most affordable in Australia. To put in perspective, the median price for a house in Adelaide is roughly $350,000 more affordable than the median house of a property in Sydney, where the median price for a house in Adelaide is roughly $440,000 and Sydney’s is $815,000. 

In addition, being a relatively small and developing city, Adelaide doesn’t have a large influx of traffic on the road. For people living in densely populated cities like Sydney and Melbourne, this may be a highly attractive feature. However, the catch is that it can be extremely difficult to find a job in Adelaide. The best way to transition to moving to Adelaide is to line up a job before you come so that you have the assurance of a stable income when you arrive. 

Where Do I Go From Here? 

If you’re serious about moving to Adelaide Hills, then it’s time to establish a plan to move your belongings. Being a 22 hour drive from Brisbane, house removalists from Brisbane can be costly. However, the good news is that the money you save on real estate is a great long-term investment, in comparison to moving to Sydney or Melbourne. For more information on Adelaide Hills, don’t hesitate to contact local authorities in Adelaide. When you get in contact with them, they are likely to inform you on everything you need to know about living in Adelaide Hills. 



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