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While the type of architecture that is pleasing to each individual is definitely subjective, there is no denying that unusual, and astounding buildings are all around us and are all worth a look. Architecture is not just a case of making a few drawings and having them come to life, it is the ability to create structures and buildings with classic architecture that provoke thought, feelings, and amazement.

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There are literally hundreds of buildings in the world that have become iconic for various reasons, that we will explore more later, but one thing for certain is that for a building to be iconic, it has to have that extra something special. One building that frequently tops the list is the Taj Mahal; the symmetry of the Taj Mahal is astounding and is definitely part of what makes it so iconic. While it looks like a palace, it was actually built as a mausoleum for the wife of the then Emperor; 16 years, thousands of tons of marble, and 20,000 construction workers later, we have been left with what is referred to as the Crowning Jewel of India.

Beauty is evident in architecture, not always your typical beauty perhaps, but beauty can be found in the most unique of buildings. Often said the be the world’s most beautiful is the Burj Khalifa, built-in Dubai it also happens the be the tallest building in the world, and the design and structure of the building is so sleek and masterful that a construction that could quite easily stand out for all the wrong reasons, manages to be a picture of unbelievable beauty in skyline.

Great architecture has been a form of competition since the dawn of time, man-made structures have always been used to prove a countries accomplishments and engineering, whether it be the fight of the tallest building, or the most visited, it is a thing that is taken seriously, so which country has the best building? Of course, there is never going to be a straight answer, it will always depend on who you ask, but it is evident by looking at the wonders of the United Arab Emirates, that they have made great leaps in a very short time, to produce some outstanding pieces of art – from the Burj Khalifa, to the Emarites Palace, the Etihad Towers, or the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, there is untold creativity in so many places, and it wouldn’t be difficult to say that they are the best country for buildings and architecture.

Behind all the wonderous buildings and structures in the world are brilliant minds, that flows with a river of creativity; among the most famous we have the likes of Zaha Hadid (who also had an estimated net worth of $215 million at the time if her death, making her one of the richest architects of today), Antoni Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Renzo Piano, Cesar Pelli, or even Nicola Salvi who was the mastermind if the Trevi Fountain. A lot of the most famous architects are no longer with us, but one particular architect alive today is awarding winning Frank Gehry, who is said to have designed some of the most important works in contemporary architecture and is responsible for many wonders, including the design of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, making your design iconic is a great achievement, so what is needed for this to happen? Well, it is important that you can create something like no other, something that pushes the boundaries takes risks and makes people stop and say “wow”. Be it due to the shape, the size, the materials used, it has the raise the bar; if it sets a standard that other people want to follow, you have created something worthy of being iconic.

A few types of popular structures frequently made are bridges, for example, the Golden Bridge in Vietnam. Towers or skyscrapers, for example, One World Trade Centre in New York, and amphitheaters, for example, the Coliseum in Rome.

If a structure is built well enough and of course, protected, it has the ability to stay for thousands of years, as seen in Malta where the Megalithic Temples are considered to be the oldest man-made structures in the world dating all the way back more than 5500 years. With the advanced engineering skills we have available now, and the excellence of the architects we have, it may not impossible to think that in thousands of years, the buildings we admire so greatly in modern times, will be enjoyed by those in the distant future.

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