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  • Donna: Dear Ptoni,just now viewing your comment on “asses”. Please check out the...
  • alanis hernandez: >zack! can you get any brochures from your dad?
  • alanis hernandez: hi, i need some information on the habitat montreal for a presantation im doing. give me some....
  • karina: quite interesting Bblin, I’m from Russia is not in English kaif remember ..
  • Olyvia: I Love the big ball its GREAT

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Unusual-architecture is a blog dedicated to collect all the most unusual, strange, weird and crazy buildings of our world in a big and easy to use list. Each and every unusual building has its own profile, where you can find more information and pictures of it. Visitors also can vote for the best architectural structure, and the results are displayed in “The Top Rated Architecture” .

Everyone is welcome to contribute and help building this incredible list of the most unusual architecture. Send your photos, comment architecture, be inspired by the works of most creative architects.

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